Wednesday, December 27, 2017

How to Design Business Documents with Flair

Using proven design techniques adds interest to your presentations and puts you several steps ahead of the competition. If you want your documents to be read first and given more attention, follow the simple design tips provided here.  They will make a difference.
  Develop a welcoming memo format that is simple but elegant, functional and contemporary.
  Choose typefaces with care.  Make sure they can be easily read. Times New Roman or Ariel is a good place to start.  Pick one typeface for a document and create variation with boldness, italics, and size for headlines.  Italicize or underline words you wish to accentuate -- but do it sparingly or it will lose its effectiveness.
  Don’t fill your pages with type.  Set your document up with margins that will let your copy breathe.  Adequate white space is critical when designing an inviting document.
  Use spot color to accentuate type.  Include color graphics and photographs to spice up your presentations.
  Don’t skimp on paper quality.  A nice paper makes a great impression. You may want to choose a color stock.  Other peripherals should complement your stationery.

These design ideas are easy-to-implement but can have significant impact on the way your writing is received.  Try some of them.  You’ll be delighted with the results.

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